Our Famous 6-week Youth & Adult Hip Hop Sessions

We offer 6-week sessions where you will learn basic hip hop technique along with dancing to some favorite hip hop beats!  


  • Youth Session (ages 6-12) geared toward youth who don't want to take a full dance season and want to try it out!

  • Adult Session (ages 13-up) who want to learn some hip hop techniques, work up a sweat and learn a full choreographed dance!

Tumbling/Wee Hip Hop (Ages 4&5) 6-week session only

A fast-paced and exciting class that is deal for our "littles" who like to dance to today's pop culture music.  This curriculum is based on  simple hip hop dance techniques coupled with basic tumbling moves on mats where you'll find safety to be our main concern.  

Students learn basic rhythms and tempos, our instructors also work with hand/eye coordination by learning left and right with hand, arm and left movements.    

Hip Hop 101 (Ages 6-8)

Join this exciting and fun class that is an ideal intro to the world of hip hop dance. It covers the basics of popping, locking, tutting, waving, break, choreography & more.

This class will perform at the end of the dance season in a very special recital show where the student will be able to showcase their talent!

Please note:  COVID may prevent the 2020-21 dance season from holding a recital!

Hip Hop 102 - Level 2 & 3 students

Take it to the next level of Hip Hop Techniques by having Hip Hop 101 techniques mastered. This class will review Level 1 techniques and continue to build in order to help students advance in the world of hip hop dance.

This class is for our students who have taken with us or at another studio and are ready to move to the next level of hip hop, there will be a series of techniques the instructor will require before students are admitted into the Hip Hop 102 class. 

Technique Classes for competition crews only

These intensive, exciting classes allow students to take hip hop to the next level!  Review, Repeat, learn new and master techniques per the instructors guidance. 


 Students are taught hip hop techniques such as popping, locking, krumping, gliding, 6-step to name a few and challenging choreography, while gaining a physical awareness of up-tempo and off rhythm beats.  These levels of technique are required to take when selected to compete on one of our crews.

Let's Just Dance (special need placement students only)

This specially designed class is for our special needs hip hop dancers.  Students will learn basic hip hop and basic dance moves set to fun and upbeat music.  They will showcase their talents at the annual recital generally held at the end of May.  This is one of our favorite classes.  For returning students, we will continue to build on what they've learned in the past dance seasons.

Please call 402-289-3332 for placement into this class, our first concern is safety for our students and parents.  We want to know all about our student to make sure this is the right placement for them.

Hip Hop Competition Crew Tryouts (call for information)

Try out for one of our BB6 competition crews, we have crews for all skill set levels.  

Due to COVID, we ask that you call for latest details on tryouts if you are new to the studio.

Come Hip Hop With Us!

Tel: 402-289-3332     Email: lmedhi@ae-pc.com

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