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  • When does the dance season begin?
    The regular dance season begins the day after Labor Day in September of each year. We also offer our famous 6-week dance sessions: Visit the Classes Tab for Schedule, scroll to the bottom of the Regular Dance Season Schedule for dates and times.
  • Do you have classes for adults?
    Yes, we offer our 6-week dance sessions throughout the year at certain times. Please refer to our schedule for the exact dates and times. Click on the "Classes" Tab to see 6-week schedule. Our adult classes are ages 13 on up! The average age of the classes are 25 to 35, however, we've had students up to 73 years of age. We love to teach all ages, if you can move you can dance, it's all at your own pace of learning.
  • When are the 6-week sessions?
    Please refer to the "Classes" tab, there will be a "click here" button which will take you to our 6-week schedule! Scroll to the bottom of the Dance Season list, the 6-week times are listed there.
  • What is the average age for the 6-week Adult Sessions?
    Our Adult sessions are ages 13 and above. We find that most of our students are between 25 & 40. Our philosophy in this class is that age is relative, once you are in the class, you are so busy learning the moves, you don't notice who is standing next to you nor age. We encourage you to bring a friend, so you have someone to dance with. We often have groups register together as a fun night out! After class you can check out the great downtown action, food, wine tasting venues, brewery, etc. Elkhorn Main Street is your new "go to" destination!
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